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Things that make me horny

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Whenever the pledges at a particular college fraternity misbehave, they become the property of Brother Anthony for the night.

Brother Anthony is a 22-year-old  bona-fide Alpha DOM who relishes his role as the disciplinarian for those 20-year-old pledges when they are naughty and step out of line. Brother Anthony is  personally and temperamentally well-suited for punishing those frisky miscreants whenever they dare violate fraternity rules and regs.

Like the fraternity's ban on underage drinking, which was violated by this 20-year-old inductee. The fraternity is already on probation for an earlier underage drinking incident, and the frat President has decreed that any pledge who is caught imbibing or smelling of alcohol is to be turned over to Brother Anthony for the night for confinement and correction.

Alas, the 20 -year-old is clearly a novice drinker at best, and has passed out on the floor of the frat house den. Brother Anthony, cognizant of the need to make sure first and foremost that the pledge was safe, handcuffed him before carrying him upstairs and bedding him down on a cot in Brother Anthony's room where he could be observed during the night.

Have no illusions; the misbehaving pledge will be gagged and stripped to his tighty whities for a world-class "Assume the Position" against-the-wall punishment paddling, but obviously that will wait until tomorrow morning for safety reasons.

And that fresh-faced 20-year-old will certainly have his hung-over head abruptly cleared when he starts feeling a bite of that wooden paddle whacking the tender skin of his briefed-up, quivering, trembling ass.


An old fave. Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer. 🔥🔥🔥

Can I Pls lik that body :) 

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Perfection at gym :) 

I came away realizing - not surprisingly - that many slave masters were sadists who spent a lot of time thinking up creative ways of hurting people.

Colson Whitehead